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Gymglish lessons make learning easy and effective. Our aim is to keep learners engaged and motivated thanks to fun, short, content personalized to their needs. Meanwhile, our custom-built artificial intelligence engine works behind the scenes to make sure learners retain what they’ve been taught.

Our courses are used by over 3 million people worldwide, including over 6000 businesses and 100 partner schools and universities. Our language learning lessons include Gymglish, Frantastique and The Rich Morning Show. We offer Frantastique Orthographe for native French speakers.

We’re also putting the finishing touches on the , which allows people to use our learning technology to create their own course on any topic.

The Gymglish team is made up of 25 people of 9 different nationalities. We speak 10 different languages (not including made up ones like Java, Swedish and C++). Our head office is based in Paris, France with a satellite office in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Gymglish 本文来源:

澳门金沙国际,北京文化革命搞得这么厉害,那我们到这里来暂且避一避,也没有想融入到群众中去。碰撞的证据来自阿波罗计划带回来的月球岩石,其中所含的氧同位素组成比例与地球的地幔几乎完全一样。《VR女友》能让玩家领会到少女身上的每个部位散发出的魅力,从胸到臀,从腋窝到腿窝,原来都充满了诱人的少女荷尔蒙气息,这简直是一款女性身体美学的教科书式宝典啊。  谈到这段经历,于施洋提出了一个有意思的观点。


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The Unofficial Story of Gymglish

Want to find out more about how any why Gymglish was born? Check out The Unofficial Story of Gymglish below. It was written for our 10th anniversary and is absolutely, completely 100% factual.


As predicted by a Guatemalan horse jockey in the late 17th century, Gymglish (aka A9 SAS) was born on February 6th, 2004, weighing a hefty 8 pounds and 4 ounces. Baby Gymglish came out of his mother with a green afro, a red Gymglish t-shirt and a simple dream: to create a new approach to e-learning.


At a very young age, Gymglish was gifted an Artificial Intelligence Engine from a generous grandmother. Still, something was missing: a sense of humor. As nothing in France was available, an American was imported to help. Gymglish was ready to make its way in the world, with the most important tools in life: jokes and a robot.


To be successful, Gymglish needed a solid team with good people, not just unpaid interns. It was hiring season: job offers were posted, pigeons released, telegrams delivered. Mothers sent cousins, cousins called friends, and friends found candidates. Eventually, a short list was made: not with the most experienced or best-educated candidates, but with the most passionate. As everybody knows, in the Artificial Intelligence-powered online English teaching business, passion means everything.


As Gymglish began to enjoy some modest notoriety, people began to wonder what, if anything, Gymglish was selling. T-shirts? Lighters? Panties? English lessons? One thing was clear, whatever Gymglish was selling seemed to connect with the public, and word began to spread. Why? Was it the originality of the learning experience? The quality of customer service? The absence of traditional advertising strategies? Probably the lighters.

PS. We sell English lessons.


Diversity has always been a priority for Gymglish ever since the government imposed strict regulations on hiring practices. The current Gymglish team is made up of 9 different nationalities and 25 different hairstyles - a healthy mix of personable geeks, charming salespeople, adorable content writers, occasional interns, and a part-time hot-dog vendor named Mickey. Other noteworthy figures: there are 9.75 Gymglish babies, 2 Gymglish dogs, 3 Gymglish tattoos and 1 dead mouse somewhere in the office. Can you spot them all?


Gymglish takes its office space very seriously, which is why it is composed of 75% plants, 25% dance floor and only 3% desks. Plants serve a variety of purposes: oxygen generation, camouflage, t-shirt storage, dead body hiding place and emergency food source. Did you know that Gymglish was once featured on national TV because we sometimes wear sandals? Serious stuff.


If there’s one thing that Gymglish can’t stand, besides venture capitalists and giraffes, it’s overpopulation. The Paris team was becoming fat and lazy. Besides, we needed more room for plants. Rather than secretly murdering employees one by one, it was decided to create other small teams abroad. Branch offices were thus opened in two countries chosen for their high crime rates, political tension and pleasant beaches: Brazil and Israel.


In accordance with the Geneva conventions, English was declared ‘obsolete’ in 2012. Gymglish quickly turned its attention to the alleged language of the future: French. Oui, oui, c’est vrai. Once the laughter dissipated, a new product was born - Frantastique (a classic story of aliens unfreezing Victor Hugo). After 8 years of messing around on an English training market that clearly had no potential, Gymglish was now ready to absorb the avalanche of French learners on the horizon.


As far back as we can remember, which isn’t very far, Gymglish has made it a priority to throw an annual party. After starting with a guest list of mainly clients, partners, friends and family, our most recent parties have featured police, firemen and paramedics, only 5 of whom were on duty.

As a matter of fact, this booklet is being distributed at our 10th anniversary party! Are you having fun? We hope so. Also, the toilets are to your left.


In summary: we send emails, we hate giraffes, we’re ten years old, and apparently French is the future. Thanks for your continued support... we continue to be both surprised and delighted by it! Merci.

Legal details: A9 - SAS with starting capital of 86 225 € - RCS: Paris B 451 911 812 00019 / Headquarters: 16A, Boulevard De Reuilly, 75012 Paris, France / VAT nr FR10451911812 / N° déclaration d'existence organisme de formation 11 75 38 570 75 / Publishing director: Benjamin Levy / , / / / Server hosting: Rackspace, 4 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB11 1ET, Great Britain.